All prices (except those in our shop) excl GST



Payment terms are $500 (non-refundable)on booking confirmation. Remainder 7 days after dressing complete.

All our items are insured by Places & Graces during their hireage. 

The homeowner is required to pay the insurance excess fee of $200 for any items broken or missing.

The house is preferably clean before dressing starts.

We prefer to allow one full day each for dressing and removal.

We prefer the house to be empty (of people) while we style.

We use photos of your home for our marketing material, please advise if you do not approve.

We are a boutique provider and thus have a small collection of vintage and new items. Requests for specific items, style or colours must be made at the outset of the project.

Hireage is for 5 weeks from date of install unless discussed otherwise.