As stylists we spend a lot of time sourcing – places, products and people – and we value authentic relationships.

We’ve hand-picked a small group of partners. Businesses and products we genuinely love. These guys are the bomb. The best at what they do. We stand by their product and believe in their brands. We hope you enjoy working with them too.


Cars, Cars, Cars

Tristram European is a privately-owned Volkswagen and Skoda dealership on Auckland’s North Shore. They provide both passenger and commercial vehicles and have a dedicated Service and Parts department.

I have Tristram European to thank for my fabulous Caddy Crew. I rate their service, knowledge and genuine interest in my vehicle needs.


Paint, Paint, Paint

Most well-known as the brand of paint the professionals use, Resene retail curtains and wall-coverings along with their ‘total colour system’ through their 120+ ColorShops and retailers across New Zealand. Key to Resene’s reputation is its commitment to excellence and quality.

Resene is the only paint I use. I love that their colour range is seemingly limitless and readily available nationwide.

Kate Alexande, flat lay, Resene Half Spanish White + Whitewash+ Sunbaked Despacito+ShabbyChic2, photo Bryce Carleton.jpg


Art, Art, Art

Endemicworld makes finding and buying art easy. They stock a continuously changing collection of 1500+ art prints and a small curated selection of originals. A visit to the store on Ponsonby Road is always a joy if you’re lucky you’ll get to shake hands with Cash, the resident dog. If you’re based out of Auckland, no problem, their online store is a breeze to use, and they ship worldwide.

Endemicworld has long been my favourite place to shop for art. Their selection is on-point, print quality impeccable... delivered with that good old fashioned ‘service-with-a-smile.’