Once we know the brief, we get started on design

Designing is the creative process we use to solve your interior needs & challenges.

We promise to make the most of what you already have – while the best option may be to move or remove a wall, we can also provide suggestions for how to make the most of the wall if it has to stay.

We charge our design time by the hour, and to ensure you get the most value from that time we focus on ideas rather than fancy visuals – our sketches will be enough for you to understand the vision, but they won't win any presentation awards : )

We'll outline what we're going to deliver in the design phase, and how long it will take, as part of our consult report. Usually the design phase includes – a plan of the room showing layout suggestions, a mood-board that gives a feel for the style, and a summary of the components – colours, surfaces, and furnishings.

** Design time is charged hourly at $195 EXcluding GST **