House-Tour / What makes a fine home ?


Some homes are lucky enough to be carefully crafted from concept to completion – designed by an architect, fitted out by an interior designer and finished off by a stylist. These are the houses we swoon over and add to our pin boards. They are the ‘fine homes’ of this world. Being of very high quality and very good of their kind. These homes are there to provide us with inspiration and aspiration. To show us the possibilities.

I believe a ‘fine’ home can actually be crafted anywhere, by anyone. You don’t have to start with something big or architecturally designed. And starting with a new build doesn’t guarantee the whole package will be perfect. A ‘fine’ home is one that is ‘thoughtfully considered’ – from the front gate to the back garden.

This year we are Gold sponsors of the Devonport Rotary Fine Homes Tour.

Our job - to style three vastly different homes to look their absolute best for their 500+ visitors. One is a brand spanking new apartment, one a renovated Bali-style bungalow, and one a quaint cottage Villa. The common thread - each has a unique offering, something that stands them apart. But it's the combination of the frame AND what’s inside, that make these three homes truly ‘fine’.


We can only show you a sneak peak here. The final homes and addresses will be revealed on Friday October 27th as part of the Devonport Rotary Fine Homes Tour. If you would like to see more, get your tickets here >


Fine home #1 - A new modern apartment


Mister modern apartment. With his clean lines and straight walls it should all be plain sailing to make him look fine. But with the minimal detailing and hard edges of a new building comes the challenge of feeling cold and unloved. The furniture and furnishings we chose had to both match the modern and slightly soften.What makes this a ‘fine’ home is the scale created by large open spaces, high vaulted ceilings and outlooks beyond – in both directions. The job of what’s inside these beautiful spaces is to live up to, and not be swallowed up by, the impressive surroundings.


Little miss cottage-villa is big on heart and humble on space. To make this girl sing we had to think really hard about each piece of furniture – where it was placed and its purpose. What makes this a ‘fine’ home is her original character and craftsmanship and that each item inside this house has been chosen because it too has been beautifully crafted or has significant meaning to the owners. This ‘fine’ home tells a story, from the foundations to the trinkets.


Our third house is a bungalow beauty who transports you from the street to a retreat. It’s the whole package that makes this a ‘fine’ home. Starting with the outlook – perched above palm trees and pools – and the location, literally a hop, skip, jump from the beach. This house was renovated into a ‘fine’ home with meticulous eye for detail and interest. Each surface decision has been made on its own merits. The current owners, with our help, have added their own layer of beauty to complete the whole. Art, furniture, objects – and their placement – elevate this home from really nice to ‘super fine’.