Not Perfect is perfect


I started Places and Graces – my interior styling business – in January 2013. Over the past two years I have soaked up every piece of interior inspiration and knowledge I can get my hands on. The Design Files and Fancy are part of my daily ritual. I admire the dedication these writers have to seeking out ‘newness’ for their readers. I have written many a post in my head for my imaginary blog. Stories about places visited, cool spots discovered, and projects dissected. But with so many good blogs and interesting content out there, I talked myself out of adding to the visual and verbal banter. Until I thought about why and where blogging began.

A blog is a form on journaling. A way of keeping a diary. It just so happens that it is a public diary. Which occasionally gets read, and shared, by complete strangers. Given that everyone has an their own original style and point of view I realised that there is always room for another blog. Because only one person has your perspective.

So here it begins. My visual and verbal diary. An insight into how I think, how I see, and what gets me excited. Thanks for reading : )