Living with kids


Wether you have toddlers or teenagers it is unlikely your children appreciate the true meaning of ‘no sticky fingers on the new couch’. Kids by nature are curious and experimental. Attributes that deserve to be fostered. But how do you marry this with keeping your home, and what’s in it, beautiful ? Follow these tips to help avoid the nagging and keep that healthy balance between a home that looks considered while at the same time being practical.

Fabric choice.

Save the couch in the fabric you really love till when the kids leave home. Choose a vinyl or leather that can be wiped clean or a couch cover that can be removed and washed. Dark colours and patterns will wear better than white, as will wool and other natural fibres.

A stool in every room.

When you have little ones nothing is more irritating than the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor. Invest in some bright and easy to manoeuvre stools for the bathroom and kitchen. This is also good for avoiding broken drawer handles from stray feet trying to climb and reach the tap.

Make washing a special feature.

Nothing looks less inviting in a room than an overflowing washing basket and kids will always create ridiculous amounts of dirty clothes. So, give them their own basket. Be it a bright funky bin or a woven basket, make it a feature in the room rather than something to hide.

Teach them about respect.

Kids learn by example. If the parents room is a mess why should they tidy their room. Add making their bed to the weekly pocket money chores. Ask for their feedback when you change something in the house. Learning to care for your surroundings is like learning to care for your appearance.

You can never have too much storage

Unfortunately, unless you have a newly built home it is unlikely you have ample storage. But the best way to encourage things to be put away is having places for things. Choose a theme and go for it... coloured plastic cubes, cardboard boxes, vintage wine crates, mini rubbish bins. If you make it fun, and have plenty of it, chances are the dreaded bedroom tidy will be easier.