How we did it – dressing a tired bedroom

When we arrived this lemon yellow room had old grey carpet, heavy mouldy curtains, a bare lightbulb and a half-finished painted wall frieze.


Knowing that there were bare floorboards lurking beneath we ripped up the carpet. The curtains were replaced by sheer whites to let in more light. With such a high ceiling the room deserved a lampshade. And, even though we couldn't perfectly match the wall colour when painting over the frieze the patch we created was far easier on the eye than what was there before!


Then we dressed the room using a combination of brights and softs.



1. Teardrop Origami Lampshade - Freedom Furniture


2. Bear Art Print by Chloe Ruby -


3. Yellow Cushion - The Warehouse


4. Chrochet Curtain - Urban Outfitters


5. Graphic Rug - Freedom Furniture


6. Heart Cushion by The Art Room - Collected


7. Small Fold Tray - CountryRoad


8. White Spool Chair - Nood


9. Anjali Velvet Quilt - Wallace Cotton


10. Hot Pink Hurricane Vase - Shut The Front Door


ps. this is what it looked like before!