House Tour / A 1947 beauty

Meet miss 1947. She's an original brick and stucco girl with original features - ceiling trim, door handles and light fittings – that come from a time when details mattered.

We had the pleasure of getting her dressed for sale and we couldn't go past taking our colour cues from the super-retro kitchen - think lemon yellow and fresh green cupboards with black lino floor. Scroll on down for more images and tips for getting this look in your own home.  


Lucky for us the owners had her freshly painted – Resene Black White walls and Resene Double Alabaster trim and ceiling. We love the black roller blinds. They frame the windows and add a punch to the otherwise white-on-white base.

These benchwood chairs and tulip table are originals. But your can get yourself some comfortable newby twist chairs, team them with a simple white table and voila, you have the look. You could also reverse the order with a wooden table and white chairs. Mixing and matching here is a way to simple connect the walls and ceiling without it all blending in.


This lounge has low windows peeping on to the deck beyond. So we chose a sofa that wouldn't get in the way of the view, a kiwi classic - The Don. If you're hunting for original retro classics Mr Bigglesworthy is a good place to start, they know their stuff. And if they don't have a Don suite in stock they'll sure find you one.


We chose Wave Study #1 by Wild Wagon Co as our art for this room. The raw oak frame helps connect the black & white art print with the wooden floor.


Dusty pink goes perfectly with green so we chose Palm Vase by Samantha Totty for the second piece of art in this room.


A mirror can do sooooo many things for a space. We hung one in this spot so you catch the opposing view out the window as you arrive in the room. And it throws an amazing amount of light around. (It would be even better if we cleaned it properly : ) You can get the same mirror here.


With wooden floors it's nice to have a rug to stand on when you climb out of bed, keep those tootsies warm. This rug also takes our fancy and would look great on wooden floors.


Keeping in the theme of black, white, green and wood. In the bathroom we added a plant stand for height. Patterned towels for interest and a wooden frame for our art to tie it back to the rest of the house.


Styling is about details and working with what you've got. Maximise the positive. Divert your eye away from the negative.


Mirrored wardrobe doors in this bedroom create the illusion of a never-ending room.


This Great Shalimar art print by Bethany Linz is a top choice for a bedroom. The tropical leaves take us to far away exotic places. Match it with some green  and gold linens for a laxed-out-vibe.


Step outside and the inside colours come with you. A dash of yellow flowers can brighten even the dullest Auckland day. Mix and matching the white outdoor furniture keeps it crisp yet casual.


Thanks for visiting : )

If you have any questions on how to create this look in your own home, get in touch

You can take a quick video tour here >