Re-create the Creative Living Bathroom in your own home

TV3 have launched a new DIY tv show - Creative Living - where The Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp, and his team, transform a 100 year old heritage villa for the Graham family. The even more exciting news is that Kate Alexander, the creative director of Places and Graces, comes in to add the finishing touches : ) We show you where we shopped and how to pull this look together. This week, the bathroom:


When we arrived to style the bathroom at Jo & Richards' they had already done a great job of choosing tiles and fittings. Our job was to add the finishing touches. We made one small change. That was to suggest the vanity colour was light, rather than dark, enabling it to contrast with the black tile wall.


Bathrooms are filled with hard edges, necessary for a room that needs to be kept clean. When considering what soft furnishings and objects to add, think about how you can soften these hard edges. Be it plants, towels, or using items with round edges.

cl-bathroom-12 cl-bathroom-11

Stools, baskets and ladders are useful for creating extra storage. Consider furniture with holes - wether it be plastic or wire - the non-solid nature allows water to drain away of it gets wet.


Consider towels of different but complimentary colours and patterns to add interest - add differentiate between the kids and parents!

Most plants love bathrooms. Hang them in baskets, sit them on a window ledge or use a plant stand to keep the plants off the floor.


Here's where to shop to create the look in your own renovation:

  1. Wall tile METEOR Grey 600 x600 - TILE DEPOT
  2. Floor tile METEOR Grey 300 x 600 - TILE DEPOT
  3. Wall tile TREND Rectangular Black - TILE DEPOT
  4. Tatum Towel Set - WALLACE COTTON
  5. Black Moeraki Storage Stool - ICO TRADERS
  6. Euston Soap Dispenser - FREEDOM
  7. Fluted Marble Soap Dish - LIVEDIN COOGEE
  8. Large Black Pot Plant Stand - TRESTLE UNION
  9. Matt Black 3 Litre Becker Pedal Bin - FREEDOM
  10. Red and Taupe Organic Barbados Bath Sheet - OTTOLOOM
  11. Knit Cotton Basket - CITTA
  12. Lordellle Basket - FREEDOM
  13. Raymor R-Series Towel Rail - MICO
  14. Adesso Edge Wall-hung Toilet - MICO
  15. St Michel Dante Plus Mirror - MICO
  16. Raymor Tessa Wall Hung 2 Drawer Vanity in Driftwood - MICO
  17. Ceiling - Resene Black White
  18. Adesso Bianco Oval Freestanding Bath - MICO
  19. Raymor Cambridge mixer - MICO

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