Getting the all important 'bang for your buck'


Tips on shopping for interior items.

Shopping for new goodies for your home should be fun, but with budget and time constraints it can sometimes be stressful. Here’s some tips for enjoying the process and finding just the right gem.

Where to go ? Check your favourite magazine, blogs and pinterest for new shops and ideas. Let your fingers do the walking first and narrow down the places to visit. Keep photos of what you’re looking for on your phone so you can reference them and avoid getting sidetracked.

Investments vs trends – Like fashion, splurge on basics that will outlast trends and save on the accessories that you can change with the seasons. Be patient and keep your eyes peeled. You just never know when you might spot that perfect cushion.

When shopping for larger ticket items, try to go out during weekdays. Shops are often quieter and you can get more time with the retail assistants. The carpark won’t be as full, and hopefully you can manage it without kids in tow.

Remember you are the customer. Shops and assistants are there to help. Ask questions. Make friends. Get on the mailing list. Shops often have sales and offers that are only given to regular customers on their mailing list.

Ask for advice. Use an interior stylist to source something specific or to shop with you. This may seem over the top but it can save you both time and money. Plus they’ll help you find something precious just for you.