From to tear-sheet to mood-board to your own home – tips and and tricks for styling at your place


I was recently asked by Resene to put together a mood-board for Habitat magazine, based on one of their newly released fabrics.

Places and Graces

While putting together my mood-board I was inspired by an image from the home of Australian Photographer Kara Rosenlund  (be warned - you may never want to live in your own home again after seeing the spaces on Karas website!)

Then I got to thinking – how do we get from a tear-sheet of a room we like, to creating an actual room in our own home, inspired by that image. What use are magazine tear-sheets and pinterest boards anyway... other than encouraging us to swoon over other peoples spaces ?


Inspiration is necessary, it's what gets the juices flowing. It can be found in many places, for me it's often something I see while just out and about - the floor in an old house, a piece of glass on the beach, a combination of colours in a painting. But what do you do with all that inspiration ?  I keep my snippets - physical objects, magazine tear sheets, photos – and when i'm starting on a project I sift through for that nugget that says to me – i'm the one your looking for. And then I study it – what is it about this image or object that I really like?

It's natural when planning a new space – perhaps a renovation or new build – to gather images of other spaces you like. I encourage you to take that inspiration a step further. Dissect it. Work out what it is about this thing that really gets you excited. Then apply THAT to your new space. Create your own version of the original.

Taking your inspiration and really figuring out what you like about it, is what makes inspiration useful.


I took my tear-sheet, developed it into a mood-board and then turned it into a real room - displayed at the IN-EX Interior & Exterior design Expo. The final space was my own personal interpretation of an image that inspired me, combined with the practical constraints of the physical space I had to work with.


P&G-Inex-room You can see more photos of the finished space here

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Have fun turning your house into a home : )