Easter memories


Easter for me is about two things: family and fossicking.

In the Southern hemisphere Easter sits on the turning tide from summer to autumn. It's the first decent holiday break since Christmas, and the last before winter sets in. It definately involves chocolate and plenty of toasted hot-cross buns with butter.

I love that the cooler weather opens up holiday destinations not considered in summer. I love that it coincides with an abundance of fruit and flowers - gasping to be picked, bottled and dried. I love that the wild weather can force you inside for boardgames and puzzles. I'm putting it out there, I like Easter more than Christmas!! 

A few years ago we headed to the Hawkes Bay for Easter - with my parents and brother. Hawkes Bay is where my parents grew up and met. The weather threw us both storms and sunshine. We visited past homes and gathered flowers in the rose gardens. There were ALOT of chocolate bunnies, and some fishing too.


The following year we spent with my partners family in Whakatane. The mornings and nights were crisp and the daylight hours warm. It was cousin bonding time. The girls decided they wanted to do some sewing. I was so blown away by their dress designs and shopping list that we made a day of it. We made wedding dresses and convinced the boys to pose for photos (complete with Poppa's tie!)


Easter dates are mercurial. Never the same year on year. So when they coincide with a birthday you make the most of it. Especially when it is a 90th birthday. What a pleasure it was to fossick and create a special table for a special Great-Granny at Easter.


Last year was our final opportunity to spend Easter in Whakatane. My partners family have now moved to Auckland. It will be strange not making the pilgrimage out of the big city this year. If I stay at home will I make the effort to pick flowers, bottle fruit and explore the countryside ? Yes is the resounding answer. Because I have invited the family over for soup, scones and several pots of tea: )


This #monthlymoodboard is designed to inspire pretty table settings, crafty afternoons, and simple indulgence. Whatever you find yourself up to this Easter I hope it brings you joy.


CLOCKWISE starting TOP LEFT : Ceramic Collectibles from Collected/ Ceramic egg rack from Collected / Gold lantern from Nest / Rabbit Tail print from Lila and Lola / Swirl ceramic bowls from JS Ceramics / Graffiti Easter Eggs from Devonport Chocolates / Industrial wire basket from Society Inc / hand-knitted tea cosy from Kara Rosenlund / Hydrangea buttercup fabric from Marthas /