Do I really need to paint that wall ?


Tips for getting your home ready for sale.

So you’ve bought your new dream home and now have the daunting task of selling your existing home. All of a sudden you start to spot the things that need fixing. The ‘to do’ list can quickly get out of control. How do you know what will and won’t make a difference to the all important sale price.

First step... ask your agent. They know buyers. An honest relationship with your agent, one where you don’t get offended when they point out the downsides of your property, is very important. Meet them at least half-way. A little effort can bring big gains.

Hire an interior stylist. A stylists job is to present your home at its absolute best. They are skilled at knowing how to highlight the pros and hide the flaws. They are not emotionally attached to your home, or its contents, enabling them to see the home from a buyers perspective.

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. It’s like when you pack for a holiday they say lay out your clothes a week before you go and each day remove something. Think of it as a good way to start the moving process. You don’t want to take unfilled piles to your new home. Keep only what you really need and pack the rest away.

Focus on things that will make an impact. There is no point replacing an old fence when the new owner might decide to change the layout of the garden, but painting it a dark colour will help it recede and be less noticeable. Afew picture hook holes in the wall can be easily forgiven but a watermark or anything suggesting poor maintenance can trigger doubt in a buyers mind.

Entrances, storage and warmth. Ensure your entrances are obvious and inviting - plants, coloured doormats, feature artwork and mirrors are all useful items for this. Ensure storage cupboards are tidy and 3/4 full - an almost-full cupboard shows its potential without looking empty and unlived-in. Ensure you remove any signs of coldness - mouldy curtains ? wash or remove them. Damp smells ? bring in the room fresheners.

Give yourself afew weeks to prep for your home being on the market. Work with good professionals who know their stuff and your investment will pay off.