Re-create the Creative Living Multi-Purpose Room in your own home

TV3 have launched a new DIY tv show - Creative Living - where The Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp, and his team, transform a 100 year old heritage villa for the Graham family. The even more exciting news is that Kate Alexander, the creative director of Places and Graces, is the one to add the finishing touches : )


To coincide with the room reveals, each week we will show you where we shopped and how we pulled it all together. First up, the multi-purpose room:



This space opens off the lounge. It has been designed as a room that can be multi functional - beginning as a nursery for the Graham family's new baby, Luke. In the future it might become a tv room or seperate dining room. The furniture we have selected works well in the room as it is today. In the future it could easily be used in other rooms of the home.

The rear wall of this room has been painted in Resene Fuscous Grey. Described by Resene as 'a burnt charcoal grey, deep but not depressing.' Using a dark colour for this wall helps it appear further away and thus the room bigger. The curtains were chosen to blend in with the colour of the wall. Their softness and slight puddle (the amount that touches the floor) brings an elegance to the room.


Peter made the coffee table for this room. It awesomely transforms into a bed. You can see how to make it here.


We placed a mirror onto the right-hand wall to reflect the art on the wall opposite. The art chosen for this room is 'Mount Maunganui',  a photographic print by Jenna Smith available at endemicworld.



For bubba we chose a bassinet by Down to the Woods available from Collected. It's lightweight so can be easily moved to other rooms. The subtle theme for Luke's room is animals, from the teddys to the linens and monkey.






We have made it easy for you to shop all the items in this room:

  1. Organic cotton jungle swaddle - SHUT THE FRONT DOOR
  2. T-lab Polopole boston terriër animal - FATHER RABBIT
  3. Bianca Lorenne caspian New Zealand long wool sheepskin rug - ALEX & CORBAN
  4. Mount Maunganui Photographic print by Jenna Smith - ENDEMICWORLD
  5. Decor ladder - YOYO
  6. Northern rug - BO CONCEPT
  7. Restore storage basket - BAUHAUS
  8. Matt black shift floor lamp - CITTA
  9. Small mint ceramic planter by Gala Collier - FATHER RABBIT
  10. Panda toy - SHUT THE FRONT DOOR
  11. Sunshine embroidered cushion cover - CITTA
  12. Frosty green Sara’s Roof cushion cover - BOLT OF CLOTH
  13. Green mid-century New Zealand contour chair - MR BIGGLESWORTHY
  14. Crossing the Jungle cot quilt/floor mat - BURROW AND BE
  15. Cotton rope basket - CITTA
  16. Down to the Woods Wee Poppett Rattan Bassinet - COLLECTED
  17. Large wooden monkey - HOMAGE

STYLISTS OWN: Grey teddy bear / Retro planter box / Pear mirror / Vintage scrabble board / Book & magazines

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