Mood-board / Oh hello Autumn, come on in : )


Meet our seasonal mood-board, inspired simply by a walk in the park.


My Autumnal-outfit-palette //
Resene Permanent Green, Woodrush, Thatch and Tango.


My wardrobe loves autumn, it knows change is coming. We’re both happy to say ‘goodbye jandals, helloooo boots’. (after all, you cant kick through a pile of autumn leaves in your flip-flops : -)

I clear the way for luscious layers of coats, woolies and plethora of scarves with a seasonal ritual - the bi-annual cull. Taking to my wardrobe with brutal decisiveness I remove anything that didn’t get an outing in the last 12 months. Then I bee-line it to my favourite local fashion store and fill my empty coat-hangers with new goods.


Here's my autumnal outfit, courtesy of the good folk at Wallis Clothing.


The roam pant by Nyne - A slim but comfy cut in 100% cotton. I love the subtlety of the black print and the 7/8th length - works both with boots or rolled up with sneakers : )


The classic white shirt by Kowtow. Something this simple has to be made well from the best ingredients - 100% ethical organic cotton twill. (I may possibly be going back for one in every colour)


Packing the punch, my new New York Jersey by Nyne. I feel warm just looking at it.

Photo thanks to //  Captured by Keryn

Photo thanks to // Captured by Keryn

What about footwear you say...? I'm lusting after these pink beauties.
Too fancy for kicking through autumn leaves ??!


And before we say good-bye to our Resene Permanent Green feature wall, here's a combo of nature-inspired goodies from endemicworld.