Mood-board / An every day kiwi Christmas


Christmas is about being with those you love for some good food and laughs. For many of us, gathering together on the actual Christmas Day isn't possible. We had our family Christmas celebration a few weeks early this year, before we all venture off to different parts of New Zealand and afar. It was a low-key gathering at my parents-in-law's freshly renovated home – think crisp white walls and freshly varnished floors, dressed with furniture and objects that have stood the test of time.


Mother Nature was on her best behaviour and blessed us with enough sun to last us into the working week. Everyone bought a plate. Secret santa made a visit. The neighbours kindly shared their pool. The dogs found shade under the Christmas tree. The oldies bet the youngies at ping-pong. Family was the winner on the day.


We styled a table to match the chill-lax day: The 'good china' with its simple gold trim. Freshly polished family silver. New beach-inspired table-matts from Adairs. Hand-drawn name tags. Hydrangeas and coriander flowers fossicked from the garden. Pulled together with a cutting of rope. Finished with a cherry (or two) on top.


It was a good day. One that gives you warm fuzzies when you run it back through your mind as your head finally hits the pillow. One you know the kids will remember fondly.


Wherever and whenever you celebrate Christmas this year I hope it brings you the joy and happiness you deserve xx

Seasons greetings from Places & Graces, thanks for following and engaging with us this year. We're super looking forward to what 2018 has to offer. Stay tuned : )