Mood-board / A bedroom inspired by Resene Dreamtime


This elegant, yet relaxed, bedroom is the grand master of a single-floor, waterfront apartment. The quiet retreat from sun-filled, beach living. Once the permanent home of an art-loving couple with an eye for timeless classics – now scantily clad with statement artworks and enduring furniture.

Our task – choose the keepers, re-arrange them to the best location, then fill the gaps to create a ‘lived-in and loved’ vibe. 


The master bedroom was empty, save for a bed and cane chair.

Our first choice was an original painting – selected for its ethereal nature, dimensions that elongate the wide wall and colours that connect to our furniture. It informed our room-palette of mauve, emerald and terracotta.

The space was brightened by a re-paint of walls and ceiling, in Resene Black White. The three-quarter wall – dividing the sleeping area from a private dressing room – was given its own identity with a repaint in Resene Dreamtime.  


The marble coffee table stretches the bed into the room and provides a place for general bedroom ‘flotsam and jetsam’ – or in this case, a book of dreamy David Hicks interiors in the perfect shade of mauve, and a translucent perfume bottle mirroring the the vase beyond – all part of telling a story and leading your eye around the room.


linens stacked in layers of light and dark – combined with subtle fringe texture – provide just the right amount of variety

End result = casual elegance

For your own elegant bedroom refresh like this room above, follow our room-palette inspired by the delicate, Resene Dreamtime.

  1. The statement piece – in this case a luxurious velvet chair in the dreamiest shade of apricot – The Loafer Chair by &Tradition available in New Zealand from Dawson & Co

  2. A palette of Resene colours combining equal amounts of soft and subtle with bold and brave. From top to bottom - Dreamtime, Ethereal, Sunbaked, Atlas, Sixth Sense, Aubergine, Black White

  3. Your own one-of-a-kind ceramic jug-come-vase-come-objectd’art by Duncan Shearer, available from Koalin

  4. Deep, dark, deliciously soft, emerald Euro pillowcases from Citta

  5. A timeless white linen coverlet from Adairs 

  6. Bo-ho-fringed, stonewashed linen cushion, in Desert Rose, from Collect Living

  7. Cultiver linen duvet cover in a very hard to find, yet very easy to live with, shade of smoky pink, from Father Rabbit 

  8. Tie it all together with a floral wreath art print by Cloud 9 Creative from endemicworld

  9. Loose yourself in the intimate interiors of David Hicks

  10. Small glass vase from H&M - perfect for a single stem, or simply display on its own for its translucent qualities

  11. For your flotsam and jetsam or to sit on as you tie your shoes, the Elle Block Coffee Table from Soren Liv is certainly timeless