Mood-board / easy-on-the-eye entry

It doesn't take much for our entryways to become dumping grounds. I do it to – drop my bag, keys, wallet, jacket, shoes – on the nearest surface. There are the items waiting to 'leave the house – left-behind clothing on its way back to the rightful owner. And each season has 'regular-use' paraphernalia we like to keep close-at-hand – be it beach towels or the umbrella.

We designed this peaceful tone-on-tone entrance as inspiration for your arrival-room. Wether you have a narrow hall or stand-alone reception, this simple look is easy on the eye and the pocket.


Our palette took its lead from the dusty-yellows captured on film during a trip to India – tumeric, mustard & buttercup, natural fibres and a hint of rustic, kept crisp with details in white. The repeating shapes of this art print, a palace hallway in the city of Hyderabad, have a calming effect on what can easily become a busy corridor of coming and goings.

Our hallway is painted in the soft yellow of Resene Moonlight, with floors in Grey Olive.

Bench seats are the ultimate multitaskers for a space of many needs. Store baskets under it, or perch momentarily to tie your shoelaces. Our bench is second-hand (literally, it’s usually in my hallway!) and probably once belonged to a school. We painted it in the bright, happy yellow of Resene Chorus Line, with contrasting legs in Quarter Pearl Lusta.

We DIY’d our own coat rack with a length of 18mm treated pine – painted in Quarter Pearl Lusta – and purchased wall pegs – painted in Resene Grey Olive.


For extra storage, gather and paint yourself a collection of bags and baskets – we used various sizes of Kete bags painted in the mustardy gold of Resene Influential and Grey Olive.

And lastly don’t forget somewhere to de-mud the shoes, our fav is the extra-durable, yet still beautiful, Sahara Weave entrance matt.


Other accessories that found a home in our hallway >>

The Eco Max Coconut Palm Broom from Father Rabbit, with a handle painted in Resene Influential

The sunny day Turkish towel, also from Father Rabbit, perfect for quick-dry situations

The selvedge edge hand loom matt from Citta, a perfect match with the colour of our broom handle : )