Mood-board / Get your '80's on

I'm a big fan of the '80s, and I say that with a broad brushstroke of generalisation. There's both 'my memory' of what the 1980's decade was like (at age 5-15) and what I've learned it was like for those a little older than me. The stuff that gets my creative juices going is more what I've read in books, or seen in movies – the craziness I was too young to actually experience – funky interiors, psychedelic colours, and boppy music.

So in a nod to this era of fun, we put together a little 1980's electro-lounge. I'm picturing myself here with big hair, leg-warmers, and a glass of wine cooler.

Use this look to inspire your very own neon conversation corner.

Start with a palette of pastels and then pump up the volume. We combined the acid tones of Resene Honeysuckle with Away We Go, Yes Please and Princess.


Henridrikse the Parrot art print was our focal point – we like his cheeky grin – backed up by some bold stripes – our take on the notable Memphis design movement of the '80s.

The snug shape and novel swivel feature of the Freedom Furniture Hewitt chair made it the top contender for a conversation corner. Made even more comfy with the addition of the Atlantic Blue cushion (we like the geometric shapes of the quilting) and the Virginia Citrus cushion (the pintucks nicely mimicking the stripes on the wall).

Also from Freedom, the Peg stools deliver a double whammy - reflecting the V of Hendricks medallion and providing multiple surfaces to show off our hyper-pastel-palette.

An 80's inspired space would be incomplete without a little plastic – this one's a favourite of mine, the Pilastro stool by Kartell, designed in homage to Memphis member, and design guru, Ettore Sottsass.

We rounded out the room with the soft curves of a half-moon lampshade and natural fibers of the Freedom hand-woven Albion rug. And sitting humbly in the background – providing just the right amount of chalky-grey enabling everything else to pop – Resene Black White

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