Try this yourself / Cast your art in the leading role

Like all good movies, supporting actors are as important as the lead role. They help to fortify the position of the main character. They know when to step up and when to drop back to let the hero shine. In that way, styling a room is like directing a movie. Each space needs a headliner – everything else is there to reinforce their position.

We love to style spaces where art is the hero. Why? Because the multi-facets of art provide us with a multitude of starting points. It might be the colours, shape, brushwork, texture, or subject matter – any, and all, of these, can provide pointers for what to place in the room, and how.

Come with us behind the scenes of a shoot with art shop endemicworld to see how we put art in the leading role

It’s a myth art always looks best on a white wall.


Be prepared to pair back


Surround your art with objects that support its subject matter.


Featured in this room:

Piha art print by Guy Harkness from endemicworld

Chair, vase and dolphin from Real Time and Flotsam & Jetsam