Try-this-yourself / Tips for giving your bathroom some lovin'


Bathrooms, the most ‘used’ room in the house and the trickiest to style. Actually, stet that, Laundries are harder, but bathrooms come a close second!

That’s because most of the design decisions in a bathroom are made once every ten-plus years - tiles, wall colours, vanities, taps, lighting. Permanent fixtures that set the parameters for your styling choices. But all the best solutions come with tight briefs. So don’t let the colour of your tiles be an excuse for not giving your bathroom some styling love.



Ten ways to change-it-up in your bathroom:


The biggest opportunity for adding colour and texture. Change them out between seasons. Mix and match the patterns. Choosing different designs for each person in the family is one way to remember whose towel is whose.

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Even in the most well-designed bathroom there is never enough storage - that’s where baskets come in - for washing, toilet paper...bath toys. Choose materials that are ok to get wet - plastic and wire are good choices. 

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Bathrooms are the perfect place for art objects – think small framed pieces, crazy mirrors, sculptures, even a funky necklace hung on a hook. Above the toilet is my favourite spot for placing art in a bathroom.

The perfect finishing touch for a beach-boho bathroom >


Plants are the key to adding softness to the hard edges of a bathroom. Choose ones that love a bit of humidity and don’t need direct sunlight - ferns do well, as does bamboo. And if you’re placing them in a spot that’s ‘too-hard-to-reach-for-watering’… consider a fake. The best thing about fake plants in bathrooms is the moisture in the air stops them getting dusty too quickly.

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A stool is that wonderful multi-functional item that’s there just when you need it. Wether it’s used by the kids to reach the tap, or beside the bath with your wine and candle during a well-deserved soak. A stool that doubles as storage is a great trick for small bathrooms.

The perfect stool for sitting and storing or bathroom reading material


Hooks are one of my personal favourites. Hooks for wet swimming togs. Hooks for jewellery. Hooks for bathrobes. Even hooks for plain old towels - much easier than trying to teach the kids how to hang the towels nicely on the towel rail.

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There is always something that finds it’s way to the vanity counter. In our house it’s an ever increasing collection of ‘beauty’ items. If you gather these items on a tray then A - cleaning around them is much quicker, B - it looks alot tidier, and C - it provides a styling opportunity, a place to sneak in a pop of gold or hint of wood : )

So beautiful you won't want to cover it up >


Some might think this tip is up there with the ridiculousness of book shelves with colour co-ordinated spines… but there are so many cool soap brands with ‘easy on the eye’ packaging. These days there is no excuse for ugly products glaring at you as you stroll past the bathroom.

This ones' for the kids >


Grab your screwdriver and go bright with your vanity handles. Or perhaps a new soap-dish... Or change-out the toilet-roll holder. A few quirky details go a long-way to personalise the smallest room in the house.

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Shower curtains

I consider myself lucky to have a bathroom that requires a shower curtain because I get to go crazy with pattern. The trick is to hang a nylon curtain behind it so your gorgeous work of fabric-art doesn't get too wet.

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A few of our favourite bathrooms we've styled : )