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Welcome to my first car first because now I have a car worth writing about! I'm hooked on the excitement that surrounds shiny wheels.

Let me tell you a little about Miss Caddy Crew.


My life as a stylist involves (a LOT of) moving and shifting - from a few props to full house loads of furniture. A typical day starts with driving - dropping my partner to the ferry and kids to school - and ends in the reverse order... often still with a car-load of props!

A year ago I was getting by with a big old rattly van (for shifting large stuff) a small hatchback (for ferrying the kids around) and a station wagon (for long distance road trips). Each vehicle serving a singular purpose. It was clearly time to consolidate and finally drive a vehicle that represented my business in a professional manner (my old Toyota Hiace 1980 Super Custom van was cool but did not shout 'hire me!).



My needs-list was tough.

This new car had to transport me seamlessly between work and parenthood. I was after a good multi-tasker. One wheelbase to solve it all. Thanks to the good folk at Tristram European I found my solution - The Volkswagon Caddy Crewvan - long wheelbase. She has everything I wanted – and more, that I didn’t yet know I would love (like the hand-loop for closing the boot door - just what a shortie like me needs)

First on the tick list – enough room for all my stuff.

The Caddy Crewvan has this in spades.  There is plenty of height, width, and depth (a three seater couch glides in no problem) not to mention the various extra nooks and hidden spaces for storing my camera and stylists toolbox. The added unexpected bonus is how useful the tie downs are for securing delicate items - i now own a colourful and growing collection of squeegies.


Second on the tick list – space for my family.

What’s particularly special about my Caddy Crew is her 5 seats. A standard two seats in the front, bench seat in the back - folding down and forward with the pull of a tab. Passengers have a safe and comfy ride. Plus I can easily fit the school bags, scooters and play-dates - even with a boot full of props. The kids enjoy the novelty of sliding doors, pop-out windows and riding in a van.


Third on the tick list – good on the open road.

Part of enjoying a road trip is a smooth, quiet ride. Miss Caddy Crew glides the motorway, has plenty of grunt for overtaking safely, loves a good dirt road and cruise control comes in handy when you hit the straights. There’s Bluetooth for hands-free conversation, steering wheel controls for getting the sounds right, more than enough drinks storage and super-efficient air conditioning.

Also worthy of a mention is the economy of fuel. I can do a whole weeks work on just one tank. While the start-stop system takes a little getting used to it definitely helps the petrol last longer. And although I was initially planning to disconnect the parking camera, I’m now used to - and thankful for - those beeps that enable me park and reverse with ease. 



Practicality drove my car choice, my decision to drive it off the lot at Tristram European was a brand-driven one. I greatly appreciate their service, knowledge and general kindness… especially to an automobile novice like myself xx 

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