Mood-board / Easter al fresco


The season has turned – days start crisp, and finish cool. I stood on the edge of Lake Taupo last week and as the wind blew past me, so did the leaves from the poplar trees. But mother nature doesn’t seem ready to completely say goodbye to the joys of outdoor living. There is still enough warmth in her daytime sun to dine al fresco, and Easter, being just around the corner, is the perfect opportunity to put together one last summer-soiree.

Carry your table into the garden, gather your friends and family and enjoy your Easter festivities surrounded by the symphony of bird-song and cicadas.


Don't be put off by unkept lawns or trees that need trimming. A sheltered spot under an overgrown hedge is just what you need to create a casual dining experience. If your table won't fit in the garden, a blanket on the ground will suffice. And if you don't have a garden at home – pack up a picnic and head to your nearest park or beach.


We put together our al fresco situation with a little help from Adairs and their Easter homewares collection. There's nothing like a few bunnies, eggs and chickens to set the mood. Hot-cross buns are of course a must for any Easter feast, but don't be afraid to throw something else in the mix – any excuse for a sugar donut ! 


We love these wooden bunnies. Use them just as they are or dress them up with different colours. How much fun would it be to paint one ? You could make it a kids activity for earning chocolate credits : )

FEATURED ABOVE: Standing oak rabbits, standing wooden eggs, wooden serving platters, black woven placemats, hand-painted mugs and plates - all from Adairs.


The best thing about dining at home is you can even do it in your pj's and slippers. No fancy outfits needed. Be sure to gather some cosy blankets in case the temperature drops.

FEATURED ABOVE: Slippers, Olive linen throw, Chunky-knit blanket and pompom baskets - all from Adairs



Make sure you invite the fluffy friends for brunch too. Adairs have a super-cute collection of bunny toys just waiting to make friends with your munchkins. And my favourite from the Adairs kids range - these short-hair baby sheepskins, they smell and feel soooooo goooood. 

FEATURED ABOVE: Sheepskin, Bunny toys, wooden egg holder, pompom basket, olive linen throw, gold tray, ceramic serving platter, ceramic bowls, gold dot ceramic plates, standing wooden eggs, bunny mug, woven placemats - All from Adairs.