Mood-board / Merry Christmas : )

The week before Christmas, in our house…

It’s four sleeps till Christmas, 8am in the morning. My partner has already skated to work, getting a head start on his last day so he can finish on time. My daughter Molly (almost nine) is wrapping our Christmas pass-the-parcel – layers of chocolate bars and conversation starters, a fun game for when the extended family gets together this weekend. My son Harry (eleven) is drawing a picture of me and my car, on my request – as a Christmas thank you to Tristram European for providing me with my wonderful wheels. The other half of Places and Graces, Shelby, is at her first meeting, helping our lovely clients choose a bench and runner for the hallway of their new home. And I am finally at my desk putting fingers to keyboard with this last blog post of the year : )


Christmas in New Zealand can be a challenging time of year with everything building to one final crescendo… and putting up the Christmas decorations may not be high on the list of priorities! So here’s an insight in to what my home looks like this Christmas. I hope it gives you a shot of inspiration or at the least, brings a smile during this crazy time : )


A few weeks back I gave myself an afternoon off and pottered in my home creating Christmas vignettes with the objects and art already at my disposal. Being in the habit of collecting random things I’m lucky to have lots to choose from and the challenge is more ‘what to leave out’ than put in (In fact in order to create these vignettes I had to hide some plants in the bath behind the shower curtain!!)


My approach to Christmas styling is to incorporate what already surrounds you, in my home thats green and red. One wall of our lounge is painted Resene Smoky Green – best DIY decision ever. I love it everyday, and even more at Christmas. It makes the perfect vignette backdrop.


Here’s some things i’ve found that you could use to create your own red and green Christmas vignettes : )

Paint a wall, some objects…or just use these Resene test pots as your colour-scheme inspiration. Gold and black look great with red and green.

Resene Havoc

Resene Havoc

Resene Smoky Green

Resene Smoky Green

Resene Influential

Resene Influential

Resene Dark Web

Resene Dark Web

Collect quirky art that makes you smile : ) This illustration by Natasha Vermeulen from Endemicworld is one of my faves.

Candles not only bring an aroma to your space they are an easy way to add colour. I love this Rouge candle from Shut the Front Door for it’s bold and interesting shape : )

Everything and anything looks more interesting under a cloche. Freedom has this set of three different sizes, perfect for gathering in the middle of a table : )

Flotsam and Jetsam, my house would be so boring without you! My favourite shop for finding that unusual something you didn’t even know you were looking for : )

There are endless creative opportunities with this green check washi tape from Everyday needs !


That’s it from us folks. Go have some styling fun and have a very Merry Christmas : )