Introducing Finishing Touches
 – our book of interior styling tips & tricks 


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Finishing Touches is here to help you find Grace in your Place : )

It's a book designed to inspire you to improve the beauty of your home, every day.

Finishing Touches covers living with old / new / children / art / selling / seasons / plants and renting. Followed by advice on how to shop like a stylist and tips to keep up your sleeve.

Finishing Touches is only available via Places & Graces - by purchasing here online, visiting our studio by appointment, or by attending one of our workshops.

It's a timeless book which we hope will be your go-to guide for decades to come.

Hello Kate, I wanted to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your BEAUTIFUL book! I have to say your book is so real and so achievable for the everyday person. It shows that everyone can have a beautiful home. I would love to see a sequel some day
“Kate’s book shows you quickly and simply just how much you can do. The advice she gives is from an experienced professional. She gives you the confidence to take control and in a few simple ways, refresh your home and feel better about where you live”.
— Bill McKay (BArch Hons)